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About products

RAINWAY products are made from rigid PVC (PVC U) compound, which includes impact modifiers, UV stabilizers, and other additives. For the production of RAINWAY gutter systems and soffits, the technology of coextrusion is used, during which several layers of material are squeezed out through the mold at the same time to form a single whole. The layers are connected at the molecular level, so there are no gaps or delamination between the layers.

The main characteristics of gutters and spotlights of our production:

Material (fittings, moldings) PVC (PVC-U)
Material (seals) EPDM rubber
Technology for the production of pipes, gutters, panels and profiles Co-extrusion (Co-Ex)
Length of pipes / gutters 1m, 2m, 3m
Panel / profile length 3m
Pipe diameter RainWay 90 75 mm
Pipe diameter RainWay 130 100 mm
Chute width RainWay 90 90 mm
Chute width RainWay 130 130 mm
Color spectrum 8 colors
Manufacturer country Ukraine

All colors of RAINWAY gutters match the colors RAL
leading roofing manufacturers.

Graphite  RAL 7024      Brick  RAL 8004      Red RAL 3004      Green RAL 6009 

Grey  RAL 7040                 White  RAL 9003              Brown  RAL 8017 Black RAL 9005

Formula for calculating the effective roof surface:


When designing and sizing the gutter, it is necessary to take into account the location of the gutters on the facades and the effective roof surface. Combined use of RAINWAY 90 and RAINWAY 130 systems allows you to direct water from large and small roof surfaces without increasing the number of pipes on the facade.

The authenticity of the gutters RAINWAY

In order to make sure that you are purchasing an original RAINWAY gutter or soffit, you need to check that all elements have the RAINWAY brand and an information sticker.

Effective roof surface

Maximum effective roof surface at 75 mm / h rainfall

≤70m² ≤110m²
≤110m² ≤140m²

Why are plastic gutter systems better?

  1. Noiselessness.
  2. Light weight. PVC is a lightweight material that will simplify the installation process and relieve the roof and facade from additional stress.
  3. Tightness.
  4. High strength and "Molecular memory". Plastic is an elastic material that is able to return to its original shape after mechanical damage.
  5. Durability. Not subject to corrosion. With proper operation, RAINWAY gutters can last up to 50 years.
  6. Environmental friendliness. Our systems are manufactured with care for the environment. They do not contain cadmium, lead or other toxic compounds. Thanks to the ability to recycle materials, we have a waste-free production.
  7. Attractive design and variety of colors. Our online store offers RAINWAY gutter systems in 8 colors. This will allow you to select and buy a drain and soffit to match the color of the facade or roof.
  8. Simple and convenient installation. The system is specially designed so that it can be easily assembled without much skill. It is also easy to detach and replace a damaged element, e.g. by a fallen branch..
  9. Reasonable price. Plastic building materials are much cheaper than others, but not inferior in quality.
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